Incorporate business process mapping to grow your business

As technology improves and becomes increasingly widespread, our ability to unplug and unwind decreases exponentially. As our access to one another across continents and time zones becomes easier, the expectation that we should always be accessible and able to get work done anywhere, anytime, has become the norm. For small business owners, who have invested time and money into the company, coupled with the desire to make things work at all costs. But this ‘all work and no play’ approach has left many business people generally melting down.

To preserve our health and wellbeing, we need to become vigilant about carving out some time for self-care. First off we need to streamline our work processes to make more time. One way we can do this is through business process mapping, but how you use the time you free up your also important.

Business process mapping is a great time saver

Business process mapping refers to a course of action that makes a company more efficient by defining what it does, who should be responsible for various tasks and to what standard. By creating a precise map around processes, a company can take a step back and decide if there are ways to improve, or even cut out procedures to make the company more efficient.

Nobody’s perfect, but proper processes will solve that. 

Perfectionism is one of the most significant deterrents to balance, as is trying to schedule in a set number of tasks in a set number of hours. You’re never going to be able to do it all so pick your battles. 

Could you build a process to replicate the work you do in your business? Could you automate those processes or train staff to follow them? 

You can replicate the work you do, with the same level of quality in this way, allowing you to utilise your team better, reduce costs and grow profits. 

Technology is an essential part of a business development strategy so that you can scale your business. By adopting smart software and business process mapping, you create time.

How do you get started?

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